April 11, 2022

Employment Shows No Signs of Slowing Down
CEO Optimism at Lowest Level Since Fall 2016
Activision to Convert Many Temporary Workers to Full-Time Roles
Mitigating the Pitfalls of a Remote Workforce
Fifth Circuit: A Supervisor’s Single Use of the ‘N-Word’ Can Create a Hostile Work Environment
California: Split of Authority Emerges Regarding Whether Employers Can Dismiss PAGA Lawsuits on Manageability Grounds
New York District Court Permanently Enjoins Reproductive Health Notice of Rights Requirement for Employee Handbooks
New Ohio Law Revamps the Landscape of Overtime Exemptions and Collective Action Procedures
Effective Use of Nonsolicitation and Confidentiality Agreements in Oregon After SB 169
Update: Washington, DC, Ban on Noncompetes Postponed Until October 2022
Hiring for Class of 2022 Grads Climbs; Many New College Hires Will Work Remotely
A Return to Office Battle Between Managers and Employees Is Looming

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