June 3, 2020

A Statement From the American Staffing Association

The American Staffing Association and its members share the grief, the pain, and the anger felt by so many Americans following the tragic killings of George Floyd and countless other African-Americans in a pattern that has gone on far too long. Brutality and racism have no place in America, or anywhere else in the world.

Things must change, and we must all be part of that change—in the home, at work, and in the communities in which we live. Being able to live without fear and being treated with dignity, decency, and respect are fundamental human rights.

As the employers of 16 million individuals annually of all races, ethnicities, genders, religions, sexual orientations, nationalities, and backgrounds, the staffing industry is committed to continuing to promote inclusion; diversity; and fair, unbiased opportunities for all American workers. And ASA supports the efforts of those who seek to raise awareness and achieve reforms that can lead to a society where all persons are truly treated equally, impartially, without prejudice or discrimination.

America needs to come together. America needs to change. America needs to heal. With the support and guidance of the ASA inclusion, diversity, equity, and advocacy (IDEA) group and its board of directors, the association is committed to working with business and community leaders as well as government officials to be part of the dialogue to end systemic racism and support sustainable change, unity, and equity for all.

Richard Wahlquist
President and Chief Executive Officer

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The ASA Staffing Law Conference, the only event dedicated to the legal and regulatory issues facing staffing companies, is a virtual event taking place today and tomorrow.

You’ll get tips on how to manage the potential legal challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic during six sessions over two days, kicking off at 12:45 p.m. Eastern time. Get the details at staffinglawconference.net. For assistance, contact Meghan O’Connor.

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Free ASA Webinar Next Week—PPP Loan Forgiveness Rules

The U.S. Small Business Administration in May published an official application form to guide borrowers in applying for loan forgiveness under the Paycheck Protection Program—but the rules may be changing. Hear experts from one of the top law firms in Washington, DC, explain the mechanics of loan forgiveness and other issues of general concern to staffing companies during the ASA webinar “Understanding the PPP Loan Forgiveness Rules—How and When to Apply Them.” It takes place Thursday, June 11, 2–3 p.m. Eastern time. This webinar is sponsored by Essential StaffCARE.

All ASA webinars are free for ASA members, and most qualify for continuing education hours toward ASA certification renewal. To learn more and to register, visit americanstaffing.net.

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