October 13, 2020

Register for Staffing World by This Friday

When you register for Staffing World® 2020, an immersive virtual event taking place Oct. 19–22, you will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a free registration to next year’s ASA annual convention and expo, Sept. 28–30 in Denver. And if you register by this Friday, Oct. 16, you’ll be able to access the virtual reality platform before the convention starts—so you can start exploring the space, creating an avatar, and planning your schedule.

Register at staffingworld.net no later than Friday for your chance to win a free registration to next year’s convention and to get early access to the platform. If you’ve registered for Staffing World 2020 you have already been entered into the drawing.

Rise in U.S. Consumer Prices Slows in September
Small Business Optimism Improves in September, Uncertainty Index Remains High
Finance Banks Have Barely Touched the Fed’s Main Street Lending Program. Except This One.
Health Care Staffing Firm Pays More Than $3 Million in Back Wages After Missing Payroll for Employees Conducting Coronavirus Testing
U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA Announces $913,133 in Coronavirus Violations
Who Decides Who Decides? The Third Circuit Addresses the ‘Queen of All Threshold Issues’ in Arbitration Law
Massachusetts District Court Rejects Employee Classification for Franchisees
Massachusetts Federal Court Grants Reprieve to Asthmatic Employee
Wisconsin Employers Must Notify Workers of Unemployment Insurance Upon Separation
Colorado Court of Appeals: Terms of Employer’s Vacation Policy Control Whether Accrued, Unused Vacation Time Must Be Paid Out at Separation
Report: One in Two People Won’t Return to Jobs That Don’t Offer Remote Work After Covid-19

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What Kind of People Person Are You?

If you work in staffing, then you’re a people person—also known as a “Happy Staffy.” Take a fun, brief online quiz to find out what kind of Happy Staffy you are. You’ll receive a detailed profile with your key traits, emerging opportunities, and additional resources.

ASA members will receive a Happy Staffy kit in the mail in the coming days. Or you can create your own Happy Staffy: Take the online quiz—then download, customize, and print your Happy Staffy to show your staffing pride and let everyone know you’re going to Staffing World® 2020.

Use the hashtags #myHappyStaffy and #StaffingWorld when you share your Happy Staffy on social media. Take the quiz now.

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Attract Top Talent—Promote Staffing as a Career

To help its members solve their internal talent shortage, ASA has developed an online directory of companies that want to connect with potential candidates for internal corporate jobs or university career center professionals. Get your company’s opportunities listed—complete the form at americanstaffing.net.

The listing will appear on the staffingasacareer.net website, which introduces candidates to the staffing and recruiting industry.

The association also offers resources to help you introduce candidates to the staffing and recruiting industry. Visit the Promoting the Profession page for recruiting strategies, tips for developing an internship program at your firm, a video you can embed on your website, and more.

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