January 19, 2024

McNally Capital Announces Sale of the Re-Sourcing Group to MidOcean Partners
Year-End Bonuses Shrink 21% in Sign of Turbulent U.S. Economy
Rising Health Insurance Premiums Linked to Wage Stagnation, Study Finds
Hospitals Are Desperate for Workers. They Might Find Them in High Schools
Macy’s to Slash 2,350 Jobs, Close Stores in Streamlining Effort
Out of Work: Union Strike Activity Surged in 2023
New York Appellate Division Says No Private Action for Violations of Weekly Pay Law, Creating Split in Precedent
The Data Is In—California Class Action and PAGA Filings to Hit New Highs
Demand for Green Skills Grows as Companies Strive to Achieve Sustainability Goals
Nearly Half of Health Care Workers Considering Leaving Their Jobs This Year, Eyeing Temporary Work

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Help Prevent Workplace Harassment; Comply With the Law

Provide training for temporary workers—and comply with the law—with cost-effective and state-specific training. ASA offers a comprehensive online course specifically for staffing company use.

ASA has partnered with Kantola Training Solutions to provide full-service training for the temporary workers staffing companies employ. It allows you to track candidate and employee progress, download status reports, and more. Designed to fulfill local and state requirements, the training was co-developed with Littler, the world’s largest labor and employment law firm.

Visit americanstaffing.net/harassmentprevention for details. ASA also offers a basic harassment prevention training product in collaboration with the New York Staffing Association, an ASA-affiliated chapter.

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Welcome New ASA Members

The ASA board of directors and staff welcome the following new members, which joined during the week ending Jan. 14.

AMX Healthcare Inc.
Miami, FL
Business Capital Source LLC
Solon, OH
Sterling, VA
PSM Partners
Chicago, IL
Vision Staffing Solutions LLC
Providence, RI

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