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June 8, 2012

Nonmember Version of Staffing Today Launches Now

Since ASA launched this daily e-newsletter in January, you have been receiving the member version of Staffing Today—and ASA has been inundated with positive reader feedback about the publication’s comprehensive coverage, industry relevance, and succinct format.

Because your firm is not an ASA member, you are now receiving the nonmember version of Staffing Today, which excludes the Legal Watch and Trends and Research sections.

Join ASA today and start reaping the many benefits of membership, including the full version of Staffing Today, free ASAPro professional development Webinars, and special member-only registration rates for Staffing World 2012, Oct. 9–11 in Las Vegas.

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ASA Membership Matters—Here’s Why
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Workers’ Compensation: Did Employee Report Injury Too Late?
Employee Returning From FMLA Leave? It’s OK to Ask About His Ability to Do the Job
Docking Pay: FLSA Compliance Tips
Is That Degree Really Necessary?

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CFOs Report Third-Quarter Hiring Plans
Majority of CIOs to Keep Third-Quarter Staffing Levels Steady

Headline News

New Jersey Gov. Christie Says He’ll Reject Bill to Lift New Jersey Minimum Wage
Bloomberg (06/08/12) Terrence Dopp

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has indicated he will not sign a measure to boost New Jersey’s minimum wage, citing concern over a provision requiring annual adjustments for inflation. The measure–which passed the Assembly in May and is pending in the Senate–would raise the hourly wage floor to $8.50 from $7.25.

“We’re telling small-business owners that not only are we going to raise their costs by a buck and a quarter, but we’re also going to raise it with these cost-of-living adjustments,” says Christie. “Here’s what’s going to happen–they’re going to have to lay people off.”

Wal-Mart Says Critical Report on Warehouse Workers Distorts Facts
Los Angeles Times (06/06/12) Marc Lifsher

A critical report by the National Employment Law Project distorts facts about how Wal-Mart Stores Inc. runs its distribution network, the company says. The NELP report says the retailer’s use of paid temporary workers is being copied by other retailers, driving down pay and benefits for U.S. warehouse workers. Wal-Mart spokesperson Dan Fogelman said that nearly all of the company’s logistics centers in the U.S. are owned and operated by Wal-Mart and are not operated by third-party logistics contractors. Wal-Mart expects all its contractors and subcontractors “to comply with all applicable laws” related to pay, safety, and other areas, Fogleman said.

As ASA reported in Wednesday’s issue of Staffing Today, NELP’s recommendations include aggressive enforcement of existing labor laws and adoption of a code of conduct among supply chain contractors and subcontractors. ASA continues to support the enforcement of state and federal labor and employment laws that protect workers’ rights. And ASA members agree—as a condition of membership—to abide by a code of ethics and good practices.

Englewood School Board Votes to Explore Outsourcing of Secretaries and Teaching Assistants (06/08/12) Rebecca Baker

The Englewood, NJ, Board of Education has voted to consider replacing school secretaries and teaching assistants with employees from private staffing firms. Officials say the move would save $2 million annually in salaries and benefits.

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ASA Membership Matters—Here’s Why

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